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A Month of Storytelling

Balkan Stories Blog has been out for a month now. As storytelling goes, it's been an interesting month that brought about a suprise or two. Time for a first look back. One of things about journalism I like the most... weiterlesen →

Party, Life and Santa

Beograd is a city that has gained - and well earned - a reputation as a great place to party at. That most people's lives aren't as much fun most of the time is easily forgotten and overlooked. And maybe... weiterlesen →

A Declaration Of Love. Of Sorts.

Why does a journalist from Vienna write about the Balkans and the people that live there in his spare time? An attempt to explain. The Balkans. To me, that's the region a lot of my friends come from, mostly from... weiterlesen →

Eine Liebeserklärung. Oder so.

Warum widmet sich ausgerechnet ein Wiener Journalist in seiner Freizeit dem Balkan und den Menschen, die dort leben? Der Versuch einer Erklärung. Der Balkan, das ist für mich die Region, wo viele Freundinnen und Freunde herkommen. Vor allem aus Ex-Jugoslawien. Wo... weiterlesen →

Jer smo ljudi.

Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia are just as affected by the refugee situation as Austria and Germany. The news and pictures a Western audience gets about the situation on the Balkans seems a bit unbalanced, to say the least. It's either the image... weiterlesen →

Von Steinen und Menschen

Rassismus gegen Roma wird am Balkan und anderen Teilen Osteuropas offen ausgelebt. Zu der hier beschriebenen Szene im Zentrum von Beograd hätte genauso gut in Sarajevo, Bratislava oder Budapest kommen können. Der Stein fliegt. Er trifft die vielleicht 18-jährige Romni am Rücken. Sie dreht... weiterlesen →

Two Kinds of Coffee Or: The Language Thing, Pt II

Part II of a series of observations on those minor linguistic differences in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. Or why ordering coffee can give you away. And why it doesn't matter most of the time. My Croatian teacher from... weiterlesen →

The Language Thing

In those successor countries of Ex-YU whose language was formerly known as Serbocroatian, language has often become a means of setting people apart, marking the lines between ethnicites. While most of that primarily concerns bureaucracy and government affair, in Bosnia... weiterlesen →

Muzej je otovoren

There are good news to be told from a journey to the heart of the Balkans. And some not so good news on this trip to Bosnia. That may seem absurd to people from the privileged West. Dire circumstances the... weiterlesen →

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