Party, Life and Santa

Beograd is a city that has gained – and well earned – a reputation as a great place to party at. That most people’s lives aren’t as much fun most of the time is easily forgotten and overlooked. And maybe that’s why people in Beograd love to party as hard as they can.

Miloš Milošević, director and photographer from Beograd, and Nened Tesla offer a look into the lives of normal young people in the Serbian capital in their 2011 film „Who killed Santa Claus? / Ko je ubio Deda Mraza?“

The story told here is of course true for most countries in Ex-Yugoslavia.

If you want to see how full and contradictory life is on the Balkans, watch it.

Miloš Milošević and Nened Tesla do a great job telling the story in my eyes. Especially considering that this was their first feature film and produced on virtually no budget.

Thanks by the way to Miloš for sending me the link.

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