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Zoe’s Drum

This year, Belgrade's cultural spring will be ushered it with a powerful show one day after International Women's Day. One of Serbia's more prolific and certainly most courageous artists invites the public to explore her articstic record so far -... weiterlesen →

People Have Had It

The rape of a 16 year old girl has shocked the people in Kosovo. On Thursday, people took to the streets to express their outrage. And like in Bosnia, it seems to be about a lot more than "just" a... weiterlesen →

The Japanese Who Knows No Fear

This Japanese tourist loves the Croatian Football Team very much. So much that he wears it in a place most people don't dare. At least not until Wednesday.This is so much more than a lucky photo by Tomislav Božak from Rijeka.... weiterlesen →

How Yugoslavia Was Buried Last Night. And Why It Still Lives.

In terms of sports, Yugoslavia won big last night at the World Cup match Serbia - Switzerland. In terms of culture and politics, it was buried. Strangely enough, Xherdan Shaqiri, one of last night's undertakers could be the one to... weiterlesen →

Why People From Sandžak Aren’t Really Bosnjaks

Muslims from Sandžak like to think of themselves as Bosnians and particularly as Bosnjaks. While there is a point to that, Balkan Stories has documented irrefutable evidence that proves: There is no way they are Bosnian. Sandžakians, at least the Muslims... weiterlesen →

It’s About Dignity, Stupid

US-President Donald Trump has called several developping countries "shitholes".  With his comment, the US's Ambassador in Chief not only violated every diplomatic protocol conceivable. He grossly violated the dignity of the people living in the countries he called "shitholes". We... weiterlesen →

Sretan Dan Republike

Today, millions of people in and from former Yugoslavia celebrate Republic's Day, Dan Republike. It is the anniversary of the proclamation of the New Yugoslavia in 1943. This New Yugoslavia had to be liberated from fascist occupation in World War... weiterlesen →

„Wir werden da sein“

Die Angelobung von Aleksandar Vučić als neuer Präsident Serbiens konnten sie nicht verhindern. Die Mitglieder der Protestbewegung gegen Vučić sehen sich aber als möglichen Keim für eine breite demokratische Bewegung für die Ära nach ihm. Balkan Stories hat sie Ende... weiterlesen →

Ovo je bosanski humor

Dieses Video aus Bosnien bringt die Menschen in ganz Ex-Jugoslawien zum Lachen. Es zeigt einen Kroaten und einen Serben, die in Zagreb betteln. Oder so. Dass das Video in den ersten drei Tagen mehr als 400.000 Mal gesehen wurde,... weiterlesen →

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