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Der Kult der neuen Märtyrer

Der kroatische Kriegsverbrecher Slobodan Praljak wird von Konservativen und Neofaschisten in seiner Heimat wie ein Märtyrer verehrt. An seinem Begräbnis vergangene Woche nahmen zwei Minister teil. Ihnen gilt er als Held wie Ratko Mladić vielen Serben. Der, den die Massen... weiterlesen →

Corruption Is Everywhere

Corruption is endemic on the Balkans. It has a firm grip on politics and almost every part of society. Little is done about. The lastes episode of the political webshow Talk Real gives you an insight why. This episode was... weiterlesen →

This One’s for David

When I passed by this pub in Ulica Kralja Marka in Beograd I knew I had to take a picture for a friend from the Banja Luka area. David Bailey is "An Englishman in the Balkans" which also happens to... weiterlesen →

A Balkan Road Trip

Balkan Stories is back from its Balkan tour with plenty of stories to tell. One of them is how the trip started in the first place. A photo report about a Balkan road trip.

Things The World Doesn’t Need

A new episode of the series "Things The World Doesn't Need". Found at Ulica Maršala Tita in Sarajevo. It probably doesn't get any more superfluous than McDonald's on the Balkans. Even when you don't look at it from anti-imperialist point... weiterlesen →

Auf der berühmtesten Brücke der Literaturgeschichte

Balkan Stories meldet sich on tour von der berühmtesten Brücke der Literaturgeschichte. Über diese Brücke zu gehen, ist ein erhebendes Gefühl. Gleichzeitig empfinde ich Respekt und Ehrfurcht vor dem Schriftsteller, der ihr ihren Platz in der Literaturgeschichte verschafft hat. Dass... weiterlesen →

Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Today is Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. The most important festival celebrated by Roma on the Balkans. It will bring millions together in colorful festivities - uniting them across national, religious and often ethnic borders. From when the sun set yesterday night, millions of... weiterlesen →

σας ευχαριστώ

Emilia Kamvisi and Stratis Valamios, 85 year old pensioner and the 40 year old fisherman from the Greek island of Lesbos, have been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace 2016. This isn't exactly news but I only came across... weiterlesen →

This Is Who You Want To Send Soldiers Against

  Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz and Austrian Minister of Defense, Hans Peter Doskozil, have announced they are considering an Austrian military mission along the Balkan refugee route. This announcement made on Friday marks an escalation in the already precarious... weiterlesen →

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