A Belgradian in Sarajevo

Writer and playwright Filip Grujić from Beograd just spent a month in Sarajevo as part of a residency program for young writers from the Western Balkans region. He tells Balkan Stories how he has experienced his stay in Bosnia’s capital, what Sarajevo, Beograd and his native city Novi Sad have in common – or not – and what real challenges the young generation in former Yugoslavia faces.


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Zoe’s Drum

This year, Belgrade’s cultural spring will be ushered it with a powerful show one day after International Women’s Day. One of Serbia’s more prolific and certainly most courageous artists invites the public to explore her articstic record so far – and to participate in a struggle for dignity.

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Spartakus će i dalje živjeti

The world mourns Hollywood’s last legend. Kirk Douglas has died Wednesday night, aged 103 – actor, film maker, humanitarian and activist. Former Yugoslavia is a region where he is remembered particularly fondly – even though he never shot a film there.

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Ein rätselhaftes Erbe der Menschheit

Bosnien, Serbien, Kroatien und Crna Gora/Montenegro haben einen gemeinsamen Grund zum Feiern. Die UNESCO hat die Stećci zum Teil des Weltkulturerbes der Menschheit erklärt. Diese mysteriösen Grabsteine gibt es nur am Westbalkan.

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Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Today is Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. The most important festival celebrated by Roma on the Balkans. It will bring millions together in colorful festivities – uniting them across national, religious and often ethnic borders.

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Dva Božića

Christmas can be a tiresome if uniting affair if it’s celebrated the traditional way: Shopping, exchanging gifts and family dinners. As soon as religion comes into play, it tends to highlight divisions rather than make them disappear.

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(c) Christoph Baumgarten

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar Or: The Language Thing Pt VI

Part VI in a series of observations und reflections on language issues in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. This time on why it’s sometimes better no to think about it too much.

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The Bridge of Mostar. (c) balkanblogger.com

Bosnier für eine Nacht

Eine Ausstellung* junger bosnischer Künstlerinnen und Künstler im Ost-Klub bringt die bosnische Community in Wien zusammen. Und zeigt einmal mehr, wie wenig verheilt die Wunden des Bürgerkriegs sind.

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