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Worshipping Suffering and Malice

On the Balkans, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, is being worshipped in a bizarre manner and to a grotesque extent. To the wider public the late nun is better known by her stage name Mother Teresa. In worshipping her, even her most... weiterlesen →

#Jersmoljudi #BecauseWe’reAllPeople

People displaced by the Bosnian War are protesting against Bosnia’s treatment of refugees from Syria and other countries. They have written an open letter in which they detail their own experiences as refugees and call for refugees in Bosnia to... weiterlesen →

Goodbye, Selma

One of my best friends will leave Sarajevo on Saturday - for what could be for good. What will hopefully be her gain will be a great loss to Bosnian society. It just doesn't know it yet. I never thought... weiterlesen →

How Yugoslavia Was Buried Last Night. And Why It Still Lives.

In terms of sports, Yugoslavia won big last night at the World Cup match Serbia - Switzerland. In terms of culture and politics, it was buried. Strangely enough, Xherdan Shaqiri, one of last night's undertakers could be the one to... weiterlesen →

Why People From Sandžak Aren’t Really Bosnjaks

Muslims from Sandžak like to think of themselves as Bosnians and particularly as Bosnjaks. While there is a point to that, Balkan Stories has documented irrefutable evidence that proves: There is no way they are Bosnian. Sandžakians, at least the Muslims... weiterlesen →

It’s About Dignity, Stupid

US-President Donald Trump has called several developping countries "shitholes".  With his comment, the US's Ambassador in Chief not only violated every diplomatic protocol conceivable. He grossly violated the dignity of the people living in the countries he called "shitholes". We... weiterlesen →

Sretan Dan Republike

Today, millions of people in and from former Yugoslavia celebrate Republic's Day, Dan Republike. It is the anniversary of the proclamation of the New Yugoslavia in 1943. This New Yugoslavia had to be liberated from fascist occupation in World War... weiterlesen →

Druga smrt duše Bosne

Bosnia’s cultural memory is at stake. This time, not Serb militia are to blame but political neglicience, a dysfunctional government and the commercial interests of Sarajevo’s city government. A reportage that could disturb book lovers and librarians. “Oh, you can... weiterlesen →

Der entschleierte Herr Kurz

Saudi Arabien bezahlt Kosovarinnen und Bosnjakinnen, um in Sarajevo und Prishtina vollverschleiert auf die Straße zu gehen, sagt Österreichs Außenminister Sebastian Kurz. Die bosnische und die kosovarische Regierung protestieren. Der erfahrene Bosnienreisende empfiehlt dem Herrn Kurz eine Brille. Und ein... weiterlesen →

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