Balkan Stories versucht, Geschichten aus der Balkanregion zu erzählen, die sonst nirgends Platz haben. Geschichten über Menschen, die Dinge die sie tun, ihre Sorgen und Hoffnungen. Geschichten über ungewöhnliche Begnungen, über spannende Orte. Geschichten, die Hoffnung machen. Geschichten, die nachdenklich machen.

Balkan Stories attempts to tell stories about and from the Balkans for which there appears to be little place elsewhere. Stories about people, the things they do, their worries and their hope. Stories about unusual encounters, exiting places. Stories that inspire hope. Stories that make you think again.

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  1. You are very biased when you write, please try to be honest, and please don’t include your personal sidings so obviously. When you wriote about Serbian people being transported on Djurdjevdan in the 2 nd World War, you wrote X number “or so” what do you mean by slang like “or so” you are not weighing up your next meal on a set of scales, Serbian people are the bravest people, and deserve not to be biased against as sometimes happens. Be respectful when you write about life and death and suffering.


    1. This is a common English figure of speech saying that the number is an estimate and that most likely the actual number differs. It is neither slang nor does it indicate any lack of respect as you suggest. And certainly it is not biased against Serbs. This claim is just ridiculous.

      As a matter of fact I was repeatedly attacked by Croat nationalists for being „pro Serb“. Serb nationalists occiasionally call me „anti Serb“ or „pro Bosnian“. I take both as a clear indication that my work isn’t generally biased.

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    2. P.S.: Incidentally it is my regular mentioning of the Croat genocide against Serbs in WW II that gets me a lot of negative comments from Croat nationalists. So I do find it a bit, well, bold to accuse me of anti Serb bias just because you are obviously not familiar with a common figure of speech in English.

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