It’s not Just a Match. It’s About Burek.

This Friday night’s Nations League match between Bosnia and Montenegro will be about much more than just football (soccer). Mocking a central Bosnian peculiarity, Montenegrin fans provoked and taunted not only Bosnian fans but Bosnians in general. Many Bosnian fans hope this will not be unanswered this time.

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Thoughts on Dodik-Land

As those who caused the war in Bosnia are celebrating the „Day of Republika Srpska“ or Dan Republike Srpske on January 9th, this seems an appropriate occasion to take a look at what they are doing to the country again today. A short essay on Dodik-Land that hopefully helps explain the situation in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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Thou Shalt Not Fear Promaja

The road to the Skakavac Waterfalls has one of Sarajevo’s more unique sights to offer: A makeshift cafe and Ex-YU’s probably only inhabitant who is not afraid of Promaja. Or at least not as much as he is of paved roads. Dragan’s kafana has become a reclusive hangout for the discriminating local nature lover and a select few adventurers from outside. If they manage to find the place.

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Wie schnell stirbt Bosnien aus?

Bosnien hat seit 2014 ein Sechstel seiner Bevölkerung verloren. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt die bosnische Seite InfoRadar nach Recherchen beim Statistischen Zentralamt des Landes. Demnach gibt es heute um fast 600.000 Einwohner weniger als noch vor sieben Jahren und die Tendenz beschleunigt sich. Die Zahlen sind vermutlich zu hoch gegriffen. Und dennoch ist die Lage wahrscheinlich noch viel schlimmer.

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800 People Dumped on Former Landfill

Bosnian authorities have dumped 800 refugees atop a former landfill in Vučjak near Bihać. This is the latest escalation in the country’s ongoing refugee crisis, caused by the EU trying to keep refugees out at all costs and the apparent unwillingness of Bosnian government(s) to deal with the situation.

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#Jersmoljudi #BecauseWe’reAllPeople

People displaced by the Bosnian War are protesting against Bosnia’s treatment of refugees from Syria and other countries. They have written an open letter in which they detail their own experiences as refugees and call for refugees in Bosnia to the treated humanely.

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Wo der Krieg nie aufgehört hat

Die Gewehre und Kanonen verstummten in Bosnien vor 22 Jahren. Für hunderttausende Bosnier hat der Krieg auch danach nie aufgehört. Sie leben in Gegenden, in denen mehr als 100.000 Landminen jeden Tag ihr Leben bedrohen.

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A Building for Us, The People

In Sarajevo, a protest movement has formed to resolve rather grotesque issue that has alienated a lot of Sarajevili. The city administration has taken over Vijećnica, the building that had housed Bosnia’s National Library and that was almost destroyed because of that in 1992. The building has not become the seat of the city administration, though – it is rented out and the city charges an entrance fee.

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