Salman Rushdie u mojim mislima

We all should read Salman Rushdie these days. I am sure, they do so a lot in Bosnia these days. He was one of the few who raised their voices for the people of besieged Sarajevo back then. And in his stories has always warned of the powers that almost destroyed it.

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„No Room for the Left in Serbia“

The upcoming general elections in Serbia on April 3 do not seem to pose a threat for the regime of President Aleksandar Vučić. Even with a green-liberal opposition alliance born out of ecological protests, there is no credible challenge to the liberal-conservative business friendly politics that have dominated Serbia for decades. As Nationalism reaches ever uglier heights in the election campaign, the absence of a credible Left in Serbia becomes ever more transparent. Balkan Stories has asked the political sociologist Jovo Bakić why that is the case.

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Spreading The Love

There aren’t many people that are so dedicated to bringing new people to Montenegro as Sarah Pavlović. Her booking platform Montenegro Pulse combines in depth information and passion for the small Balkan nation. That’s not just unusual in itself. It’s also that Sarah is originally quite literally from the other end of the world.

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A Belgradian in Sarajevo

Writer and playwright Filip Grujić from Beograd just spent a month in Sarajevo as part of a residency program for young writers from the Western Balkans region. He tells Balkan Stories how he has experienced his stay in Bosnia’s capital, what Sarajevo, Beograd and his native city Novi Sad have in common – or not – and what real challenges the young generation in former Yugoslavia faces.


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Half A Democracy

Vienna will elect its municipal parliament on Sunday. A third of the city‘s adult population will not be allowed to vote: They do not have Austrian citizenship. Essentially xenophobic laws make it almost impossible for them to be naturalized. The biggest group within the disenfranchised population comes from former Yugoslavia.

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The Time of The Gypsies. Or Not.

Does Albania have a sizeable population of Middle Eastern origin? Official terminology suggests so and regularly confuses an international audience. What may be a local peculiarity highlights the need for scientifically robust terminology when talking about ethnic or national minorities and goes to show that policies protecting their rights aren’t always as simple as they seem.

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Spartakus će i dalje živjeti

The world mourns Hollywood’s last legend. Kirk Douglas has died Wednesday night, aged 103 – actor, film maker, humanitarian and activist. Former Yugoslavia is a region where he is remembered particularly fondly – even though he never shot a film there.

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Bulgaria’s Forbidden Names

For almost all of the 20th century, Bulgaria’s Muslims have been victims of state sponsored discrimination, deportations and attempts to wipe out their cultural existence. To date, this remains one of the well hidden chapters in Bulgarian history. An exhibition by Bulgarian artist Vera Hadzhiyska in London tries to break up the silence.

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Imagine… John Lennon’s Family

John Lennon has roots in Ex-Yugoslavia. His secret father was a famous and controversial person of history. So claims a new video that is obviously a parody of conspiracy theories so popular in the region. The problem with the video: Somebody will believe its claims.

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Radovan ‪Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, who is also indicted for war crimes and genocide, during the Yugoslav war. Photo: AP, obtained at by The Advocacy Project under CC license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Justice, After All

The Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (MICT) has set right the injustice its predecessor, the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) created with its original verdict against Radovan Karadžić. Upholding the verdict of Guilty, it extended the sentence against the former President of Republika Srpska in Bosnia to Life in Prison.

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