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Worshipping Suffering and Malice

On the Balkans, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, is being worshipped in a bizarre manner and to a grotesque extent. To the wider public the late nun is better known by her stage name Mother Teresa. In worshipping her, even her most... weiterlesen →

Balkan Insight Goes Tabloid

Balkan Insight, the main outlet of Balkan Investigative Research Network, seems to have gone over to the tabloid side of media. Their piece on the upcoming wedding of the wannabe heir to the Albanian throne is cheap royalist propaganda mixed... weiterlesen →

Ardiana Is Thrown Out of Her Home

A few days ago, police evicted and razed a Roma settlement in Tirana. According to activists the inhabitants were left with nothing but what they could carry. It must have been the hardest day in Ardiana life. The nine year old Romni... weiterlesen →

In The Land Of Eagles

Robert Rigney embarks on a semi fictitious road trip to Albania - in the company of a Czech artist in search of the hill of his dreams, a former UÇK fighter, another friend from Prague and red haired Aphrodite. He comes... weiterlesen →

Der Balkan bleibt unbekannt

Beim Balkan überwiegt bei einem großen Teil der Bevölkerung das Bedürfnis, Klischees zu reproduzieren, gegenüber der Neugier. Das zeigt auch ein Vortrag des Journalisten und Buchautors Nedad Memić in der Volkshochschule Urania, auf den ihn Balkan Stories Blog begleitet hat. "Es sind... weiterlesen →

Dva Božića

Christmas can be a tiresome if uniting affair if it's celebrated the traditional way: Shopping, exchanging gifts and family dinners. As soon as religion comes into play, it tends to highlight divisions rather than make them disappear. Catholic Christmas has... weiterlesen →

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