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It’s About Dignity, Stupid

US-President Donald Trump has called several developping countries "shitholes".  With his comment, the US's Ambassador in Chief not only violated every diplomatic protocol conceivable. He grossly violated the dignity of the people living in the countries he called "shitholes". We... weiterlesen →

Balkan Insight Goes Tabloid

Balkan Insight, the main outlet of Balkan Investigative Research Network, seems to have gone over to the tabloid side of media. Their piece on the upcoming wedding of the wannabe heir to the Albanian throne is cheap royalist propaganda mixed... weiterlesen →

Kommt die autoritäre Wende?

Die Wahl des österreichischen Bundespräsidenten hat - offiziell - mit dem Balkan nichts zu tun. Den Rechtsruck vom Sonntag kann man so aber nicht stehen lassen. Hier eine Analyse, die auch als Gastbeitrag bei den Ruhrbaronen erschienen ist. Foto: (c)... weiterlesen →

A Just Verdict, A Botched Sentence

The International Criminal Tribune for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has found the former President of Republika Srpska, Radovan ‪Karadžić, guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide for his role in the civil war in Bosnia in the 90's. He was... weiterlesen →

There Will Be More of This

At the behest of Austria's ambitious, right wing populist Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia have closed their borders to refugees. This has just made the flight to safety even more dangerous for refugees than it was... weiterlesen →

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