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Kada ćeš se povući, Hasane?

Zlatko Hasanbegović, Croatian Minister of Culture, is dragged ever deeper into the quagmire of neofascism he created for himself. A new video has surfaced that appears to corroborate previous media revelations about his sympathies with the Ustaša regime and his involvement with... weiterlesen →

Shadows From The Past

The scandal around openly fascist statements made by Croatian Minister of Culture Zlatko Hasanbegović sheds new light on Croatian society's struggle to deal with the country's past and the genocide committed against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies by its fascist regime... weiterlesen →

The Long Road To Justice

The memories of war still haunt Bosnian society. Far too few responsible for the slaugther of 100.000 Bosnians have been convicted. This week a trial started in an Austrian court of law that may bring closure to at least a few survivors... weiterlesen →

Die erste Frau hieß Liliput

Zwei durchschnittlich religiöse Menschen unterhalten sich in einem Wiener Balkan-Cafe. Die Religion kommt unterwartet ins Spiel. Der Gast plaudert über seinem vormittäglichen Bier mit der Kellnerin, die unüberhörbar in Ex-Jugoslawien geboren wurde. Ein typisches Cafe in einem Wiener Arbeiterbezirk. Entsprechend der... weiterlesen →

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar Or: The Language Thing Pt VI

Part VI in a series of observations und reflections on language issues in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. This time on why it's sometimes better no to think about it too much. I may have never been happier to pay an... weiterlesen →

Srećan rodjendan i pozdrav.

Today, millions are celebrating or at least commemorating the birthday of a country that no longer exists. It's November 29th, Dan Republike. It is remarkable how many people post pictures on social networks like Facebook today, showing them holding Yugoslav... weiterlesen →

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