Identity Politics A Genocide Later

Many members of Croatia’s Serb minority feel they are put under pressure to deny what they see as their ethnic and religious identity in the country’s current census. A hitherto unkown group appeals for people to declare themselves to be members of a „Croatian-Orthodox Church“. This brings back memories of WW II, when Croatian Fascists slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Europe’s probably cruellest genocide to date.

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Kada ćeš se povući, Hasane?

Zlatko Hasanbegović, Croatian Minister of Culture, is dragged ever deeper into the quagmire of neofascism he created for himself. A new video has surfaced that appears to corroborate previous media revelations about his sympathies with the Ustaša regime and his involvement with neofascist groups.

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The Teflon Man

Zlatko Hasanbegović, Croatian Minister of Culture, seems to be made of teflon. More than a week after being exposed as a neofascist he is still in power. There are no indications he intends to resign anytime soon. Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković has shown no inclination to dismiss his most controversial cabinet member.

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Shadows From The Past

The scandal around openly fascist statements made by Croatian Minister of Culture Zlatko Hasanbegović sheds new light on Croatian society’s struggle to deal with the country’s past and the genocide committed against Serbs, Jews and Gypsies by its fascist regime in World War Two. Many still rever the Ustaše and have no problem showing it.

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The French Connection Or: The Language Thing Pt V

Part V of a series on observations on those minor linguistic differences in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. And how a language is being inventend for political purposes.

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The Day Music Lost Its Innocence

Nationalists don’t just steal people’s lives and whatever money they can get their hands on. Most of all they steal history and culture. They hijack and destroy it. One example is my favorite song from Ex-Yugoslavia.

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