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Balkanska noć

One of the advantages of living in my part of Vienna clearly is that you don't have to travel very far to get to the next Balkan party. The opening of the restaurant Ostrog was a pretty large one at... weiterlesen →

Serbian Police Surrender

Thanks to refugee coordinator Nemanja Božović for recording this moving scene in a refugee camp in Šid in the Autonomous Republic of Vojvodina in Serbia.

Crni Panteri

Robert Rigney explores the soul of Balkan music as he experiences a wild night on a Beograd splavka. The trip, fuelled by rakija and Gypsy music, also tells a tale of the complex relationship between Gypsies and Serbs. Here, racism, cliches... weiterlesen →

In The Sandžak

A friend invites Robert Rigney, a US reporter and writer living in Berlin, to the Sandžak, one of the more mysterious regions on the Balkans. For Robert, who has travelled Ex-YU and Turkey extensively, it is a trip to a place... weiterlesen →

The Day Music Lost Its Innocence

Nationalists don't just steal people's lives and whatever money they can get their hands on. Most of all they steal history and culture. They hijack and destroy it. One example is my favorite song from Ex-Yugoslavia. People here aren't just... weiterlesen →

Party, Life and Santa

Beograd is a city that has gained - and well earned - a reputation as a great place to party at. That most people's lives aren't as much fun most of the time is easily forgotten and overlooked. And maybe... weiterlesen →

Von Steinen und Menschen

Rassismus gegen Roma wird am Balkan und anderen Teilen Osteuropas offen ausgelebt. Zu der hier beschriebenen Szene im Zentrum von Beograd hätte genauso gut in Sarajevo, Bratislava oder Budapest kommen können. Der Stein fliegt. Er trifft die vielleicht 18-jährige Romni am Rücken. Sie dreht... weiterlesen →

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