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War crimes

Justice, After All

The Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (MICT) has set right the injustice its predecessor, the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) created with its original verdict against Radovan Karadžić. Upholding the verdict of Guilty, it extended the sentence against the former President of Republika Srpska in Bosnia to Life in Prison.

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„Lösen können wir das nur selbst“

Er ist eine lebende Legende: Jovan Divjak. Er hat Sarajevo im Bürgerkriegs vor dem Fall bewahrt und widmet sein Leben seit 20 Jahren den benachteiligten Kindern seines Heimatlandes Bosnien. Im Gespräch mit Balkan Stories spricht Divjak über die Herausforderungen für seine Organisation „Obrazovanje gradi Bosnu i Hercegovinu/Bildung baut Bosnien und Hercegovina“ und darüber, was das Land braucht, um den Krieg zu überwinden.

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Carla Screwed Up

Today, the International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY) for the former Yugoslavia acquitted Vojislav Šešelj of all charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Prosecution could not prove he was in any way responsible or actively involved in the slaughter, mass rapes and deportation of Bosnjaks and Croats. The verdict has stirred up a lot of rage.

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A Just Verdict, A Botched Sentence

The International Criminal Tribune for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has found the former President of Republika Srpska, Radovan ‪Karadžić, guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide for his role in the civil war in Bosnia in the 90’s. He was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. A sentence that leaves much to be desired.

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The Real Heroes of Kosovo

Official historiography in Kosovo and Serbia alike remembers the respective nation’s soldiers who fought in the Kosovo war of 1999. Many of these „war heroes“ are or have been charged with war crimes. Some have been convicted. The stories of the real heroes of Kosovo would be all but forgotten were it not for Amnesty International, The Guardian and Balkanist.

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The Long Road To Justice

The memories of war still haunt Bosnian society. Far too few responsible for the slaugther of 100.000 Bosnians have been convicted. This week a trial started in an Austrian court of law that may bring closure to at least a few survivors and the families of victims of one the many massacres.

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