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Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Today is Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. The most important festival celebrated by Roma on the Balkans. It will bring millions together in colorful festivities – uniting them across national, religious and often ethnic borders.

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Ardiana Is Thrown Out of Her Home

A few days ago, police evicted and razed a Roma settlement in Tirana. According to activists the inhabitants were left with nothing but what they could carry.

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Balkanska noć

One of the advantages of living in my part of Vienna clearly is that you don’t have to travel very far to get to the next Balkan party. The opening of the restaurant Ostrog was a pretty large one at that.

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Crni Panteri

Robert Rigney explores the soul of Balkan music as he experiences a wild night on a Beograd splavka. The trip, fuelled by rakija and Gypsy music, also tells a tale of the complex relationship between Gypsies and Serbs. Here, racism, cliches and exploitation mix freely with genuine apprecation.

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Title Photo: (c) Michael Fats, obtained under CC License CC BY 2.0

Von Steinen und Menschen

Rassismus gegen Roma wird am Balkan und anderen Teilen Osteuropas offen ausgelebt. Zu der hier beschriebenen Szene im Zentrum von Beograd hätte genauso gut in Sarajevo, Bratislava oder Budapest kommen können.

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