800 People Dumped on Former Landfill

Bosnian authorities have dumped 800 refugees atop a former landfill in Vučjak near Bihać. This is the latest escalation in the country’s ongoing refugee crisis, caused by the EU trying to keep refugees out at all costs and the apparent unwillingness of Bosnian government(s) to deal with the situation.

Thousands of refugees are waiting to „play the game“ in Northwestern Bosnia, a few kilometers from the Croatian border.

„The game“ – this is how they call their attempts to illegaly enter the EU, where they want to seek asylum.

800 of these refugees now find themselves trapped in a dangerous spot, in a camp under unspeakable conditions by any European standards.

You can find out more about the situation HERE, HERE and HERE.

If you want to support Dirk Planert in helping the refugees in Vučjak you can do so on this platform launched by the German NGO Peer-Leader International.

Title photo: (c) Dino Rekanović

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