800 People Dumped on Former Landfill

Bosnian authorities have dumped 800 refugees atop a former landfill in Vučjak near Bihać. This is the latest escalation in the country’s ongoing refugee crisis, caused by the EU trying to keep refugees out at all costs and the apparent unwillingness of Bosnian government(s) to deal with the situation.

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„Das Schlimme haben immer die Anderen erlebt“

Mit ihrem Buch „Über/Leben im Krieg“ hat die Wiener Journalistin Adisa Begić sieben Menschen eine Stimme gegeben, die sonst nicht gehört werden. Sieben Menschen, die aus dem Krieg in Bosnien nach Österreich geflüchtet sind. Vergleichbare Werke auf Deutsch gibt es wenige. Balkan Stories hat die Autorin getroffen.

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Greek authorities are struggling to provide adequate shelter as other EU countries do not provide enough aid and leave Greece to deal with the Situation on ist own. Photo: (c) Betty Martin

Two Also True Stories. Unfortunately.

The entry on Tuesday featured the story of 82 year old Panagiota Vasileiadou from Idomeni, Greece. She shelters refugees in her small house, cooks for them and gives them the affection they so desperately need. There are other stories to be told about how refugees are treated on the Balkans. They aren’t so nice.

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