„No Room for the Left in Serbia“

The upcoming general elections in Serbia on April 3 do not seem to pose a threat for the regime of President Aleksandar Vučić. Even with a green-liberal opposition alliance born out of ecological protests, there is no credible challenge to the liberal-conservative business friendly politics that have dominated Serbia for decades. As Nationalism reaches ever uglier heights in the election campaign, the absence of a credible Left in Serbia becomes ever more transparent. Balkan Stories has asked the political sociologist Jovo Bakić why that is the case.

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Thoughts on Dodik-Land

As those who caused the war in Bosnia are celebrating the „Day of Republika Srpska“ or Dan Republike Srpske on January 9th, this seems an appropriate occasion to take a look at what they are doing to the country again today. A short essay on Dodik-Land that hopefully helps explain the situation in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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Identity Politics A Genocide Later

Many members of Croatia’s Serb minority feel they are put under pressure to deny what they see as their ethnic and religious identity in the country’s current census. A hitherto unkown group appeals for people to declare themselves to be members of a „Croatian-Orthodox Church“. This brings back memories of WW II, when Croatian Fascists slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Europe’s probably cruellest genocide to date.

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Imagine… John Lennon’s Family

John Lennon has roots in Ex-Yugoslavia. His secret father was a famous and controversial person of history. So claims a new video that is obviously a parody of conspiracy theories so popular in the region. The problem with the video: Somebody will believe its claims.

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The Dark Side of Turbofolk

As far as music goes, there is no genre that is as big a business in former Yugoslavia as Turbofolk. Yet, even if you ignore commercialisation, it is a genre that has more than just one dark side to it. One just has to look beyond the glamor – as I attempt to do in my very first vlog.

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Justice for All

The protest movements Pravda za Davida and Pravda za Dženana may help change Bosnia’s dysfunctional system of governance. While they probably will not make the country’s system of corruption disappear anytime soon, they are likely to become a long-term threat to the country’s political establishment.

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How Yugoslavia Was Buried Last Night. And Why It Still Lives.

In terms of sports, Yugoslavia won big last night at the World Cup match Serbia – Switzerland. In terms of culture and politics, it was buried. Strangely enough, Xherdan Shaqiri, one of last night’s undertakers could be the one to resurrect it. He may want to have a serious conversation with his mother first, though.

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