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Die Sprache der Macht und die Macht der Sprache

Am Internationalen Tag der Muttersprache möchte Balkan Stories einen kritischen Blick auf das Sprachregime in (Ex-)Jugoslawien richten. Der renommierte Übersetzer Will Firth analysiert in einem Artikel für den Verlag Lavender Ink, der auch im anarchistischen zweisprachigen Magazin Antipolitika erschienen ist, das... weiterlesen →

What Is Thy Name? Or: The Language Thing Part VII

Perhaps the most striking thing about the language formerly known as Serbo-Croatian is not the regional and national differences that inevitably exist in polycentric languages. It is the fact that bickering has gotten to the point where the language actually... weiterlesen →

„Catering to Stereotypes Is A Big Plus“

If you're into contemporary literature from the Balkans you probably have come across his name several times. Will Firth has translated dozens of books into English. He was born in Australia and now lives in Berlin. Balkan Stories has talked... weiterlesen →

The French Connection Or: The Language Thing Pt V

Part V of a series on observations on those minor linguistic differences in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. And how a language is being inventend for political purposes. There is only one reliable scientific definition on when a dialect can be considered a... weiterlesen →

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