Why People From Sandžak Aren’t Really Bosnjaks

Muslims from Sandžak like to think of themselves as Bosnians and particularly as Bosnjaks. While there is a point to that, Balkan Stories has documented irrefutable evidence that proves: There is no way they are Bosnian.

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The Wall Art Capital of The Balkans

In a sense, Banja Luka is the capital no one really wanted. Most Bosnian Serbs never wanted Bosnia to be independent. Most Bosnjaks and Croats aren’t too crazy about Republika Srpska. Politics and nationalism aside, the city probably has earned the title of the Balkan Wall Art Capital. „The Wall Art Capital of The Balkans“ weiterlesen

Memories of A Golden Moment

It was Sarajevo’s Golden Moment. The opening of the Olympic Winter Games in 1984 marked an era of prosperity and made the world take notice of this unique city so rich in culture and tolerance. Today, most sports sites are in ruins. Sarajevo photographer and artist Majda Turkić captured the melancholy of the memory of Sarajevo’s Golden Moment on Mount Trebević, site of the Olympic Bob Track, in a photo essay for Balkan Stories Blog.

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Eine Reise in Skizzen

Der kroatische Fotograf Damir Rajle aus Osijek hat einen persönlichen Bildband über seine Heimat Slawonien veröffentlicht. Möglich wurde das aufwändige Projekt namens „Skizzen aus Slawonien“ durch eine Kooperation mit dem deutschen Verlag danube books in Ulm, dessen Programm einen Balkan- und Ungarnschwerpunkt hat.

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