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Two Also True Stories. Unfortunately.

The entry on Tuesday featured the story of 82 year old Panagiota Vasileiadou from Idomeni, Greece. She shelters refugees in her small house, cooks for them and gives them the affection they so desperately need. There are other stories to be told... weiterlesen →

This Is Who You Want To Send Soldiers Against

  Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz and Austrian Minister of Defense, Hans Peter Doskozil, have announced they are considering an Austrian military mission along the Balkan refugee route. This announcement made on Friday marks an escalation in the already precarious... weiterlesen →

Der Balkan bleibt unbekannt

Beim Balkan überwiegt bei einem großen Teil der Bevölkerung das Bedürfnis, Klischees zu reproduzieren, gegenüber der Neugier. Das zeigt auch ein Vortrag des Journalisten und Buchautors Nedad Memić in der Volkshochschule Urania, auf den ihn Balkan Stories Blog begleitet hat. "Es sind... weiterlesen →

A Holy Fraud

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, better known by her stage name Mother Teresa, is to be sanctified by the Catholic Church next year. Bojaxhiu's popularity even among non-Catholics makes this a highly political move. One that does not withstand scrutiny. The museum dedicated to... weiterlesen →

Bečki Balkan

Almost 200.000 Viennese were born in Ex-Yugoslavia or born to parents who were. That is around 10 per cent of the city's population. Most of them live in working class neighborhoods. Like the one I live in. A photo essay. Jovica Dimitrievski... weiterlesen →

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