Ein Bahnhof ohne Züge. (c) Christoph Baumgarten

Balkan Stories Now Easier to Find

Balkan Stories has taken its comittment to story telling to the next level. As some of you may have noticed, this Blog’s URL has changed in order to be easier to remember and in order for the blog to be found more easily.

Rather than the somewhat bulky address balkanstoriesblog.wordpress.com you can now find this blog at balkanstories.net.

Even though purchasing the URL cost money Balkan Stories will continue being non-commercial and of course free of cost to its growing number of readers.

In fact, more than 3.000 people have visited and hopefully enjoyed the blog this year so far. This is very encouraging. Thank you for your support.

In order to stay updated with the blog and get further news from the Balkans you can also join Balkan Stories‘ Facebook page.

Feel free to comment on the stories told here.

And if you think you have a story that should be told or want to submit a text of yours or want to get in touch with me for any other reasons, feel free to contact me at christoph.baumgarten@gmx.at

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