Druga smrt duše Bosne

Bosnia’s cultural memory is at stake. This time, not Serb militia are to blame but political neglicience, a dysfunctional government and the commercial interests of Sarajevo’s city government. A reportage that could disturb book lovers and librarians.

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Der zweite Tod der bosnischen Seele

Das kulturelle Gedächtnis Bosniens könnte bald verschwunden sein. Schuld sind diesmal nicht serbische Milizen wie im Bürgerkrieg sondern politisches Desinteresse, ein dysfunktionaler Staat und das eigenartige Spiel der Stadtverwaltung von Sarajevo. Eine Reportage, die Buchliebhaber und Bibliothekare nachhaltig verstören könnte.

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When Commitment And Dedication Pay Off

The staff of Bosnia’s Zemaljski Muzej (National Museum) in Sarajevo and the civic action group „Akcija“ have been awarded one of the most prestiguous European prizes for museums, the Europa Nostra (Our Europe) Award for Dedication. It is a recognition of the outstanding commitment of the museum’s staff and Akcija to preserve this gem of Bosnia’s cultural and scientific heritage.

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(c) Christoph Baumgarten

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar Or: The Language Thing Pt VI

Part VI in a series of observations und reflections on language issues in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. This time on why it’s sometimes better no to think about it too much.

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(c) Christoph Baumgarten

Muzej je otovoren

There are good news to be told from a journey to the heart of the Balkans. And some not so good news on this trip to Bosnia. That may seem absurd to people from the privileged West. Dire circumstances the people of Bosnia have to put up with every day.

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