Eine kleine Fluchtgeschichte

Diese Geschichte hat nicht direkt mit dem Balkan zu tun. Aber mit Umständen, die denen ähneln, denen am Balkan zehntausende Menschen unterworfen sind. Es ist die Geschichte, wie Freunde von mir unter Lebensgefahr geflohen sind.

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σας ευχαριστώ

Emilia Kamvisi and Stratis Valamios, 85 year old pensioner and the 40 year old fisherman from the Greek island of Lesbos, have been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace 2016.

This isn’t exactly news but I only came across the video a couple of days ago and couldn’t help sharing it.

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This Is Who You Want To Send Soldiers Against


Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz and Austrian Minister of Defense, Hans Peter Doskozil, have announced they are considering an Austrian military mission along the Balkan refugee route. This announcement made on Friday marks an escalation in the already precarious situation for refugees in the Balkans.

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