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Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Heute abend beginnt das wichtigste Fest der Roma am Balkan. Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. Bis morgen abend bringt es Millionen in einem rauschenden Fest zusammen, die unterschiedliche Staatsangehörigkeiten haben, unterschiedliche Religionsbekenntnisse, und häufig genug auch unterschiedlichen Ethnien angehören.

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DokuFest Needs You

DokuFest, one of the major Balkan film festivals, has launched an appeal for volunteers. They are needed to run this year’s festival from August 5 to August 18 in Prizren, Kosovo. Participating also offers a great chance to look behind the scenes of a festival dedicated to documentaries and short movies and to experience contemporary Balkan culture.

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Things The World Doesn’t Need

A new episode of the series „Things The World Doesn’t Need“. Found at Ulica Maršala Tita in Sarajevo.

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Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Today is Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. The most important festival celebrated by Roma on the Balkans. It will bring millions together in colorful festivities – uniting them across national, religious and often ethnic borders.

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When Commitment And Dedication Pay Off

The staff of Bosnia’s Zemaljski Muzej (National Museum) in Sarajevo and the civic action group „Akcija“ have been awarded one of the most prestiguous European prizes for museums, the Europa Nostra (Our Europe) Award for Dedication. It is a recognition of the outstanding commitment of the museum’s staff and Akcija to preserve this gem of Bosnia’s cultural and scientific heritage.

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Am 8.4. eröffnet im Kollektiv Friday Exit die Ausstellung „BALKANIZATION – Human Wanted“. Die Beschreibung der von Žarko Aleksić und Jelena Micić kuratierten Schau klingt vielversprechend.

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Der österreichische Ivo Andrić. Beinahe.

Heute jährt sich der Geburtstag von Bert Brecht. Der gebürtige Augsburger wäre beinahe zur österreichischen Version von Ivo Andrić geworden.

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Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar Or: The Language Thing Pt VI

Part VI in a series of observations und reflections on language issues in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. This time on why it’s sometimes better no to think about it too much.

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The Day Music Lost Its Innocence

Nationalists don’t just steal people’s lives and whatever money they can get their hands on. Most of all they steal history and culture. They hijack and destroy it. One example is my favorite song from Ex-Yugoslavia.

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