Things The World Doesn’t Need

A new episode of the series „Things The World Doesn’t Need“. Found at Ulica Maršala Tita in Sarajevo.

It probably doesn’t get any more superfluous than McDonald’s on the Balkans.

Even when you don’t look at it from anti-imperialist point of view. Even when you don’t follow the narrative that has McDonald’s made out to be the embodiment of exploiting an unskilled labor force.

You may even love the company and its products. There’s just no way around it: There is no place for it on the Balkans.

Local and traditional fast food culture make this a tough market for McDonald’s. Why pay more for a burger than for a pljeskavica or a small portion of  ćevapi?

In fact, Mc’Donald’s lists just barely over 50 Restaurants for Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia combined on the respective homepages of the local branches. In all of Bosnia it’s even just three.

Compare that to almost 200 Restaurants McDonald’s Austria boasts of – that being a market about half the size of the aforementioned countries combined.

So, really: McDonald’s on the Balkans is among the things the world doesn’t need.

Ein Gedanke zu “Things The World Doesn’t Need

  1. „Local and traditional fast food culture make this a tough market for McDonald’s.“ – Isn´t that a thing you don´t only face in the Balkans? What about Austria, Bavaria or other countries / states with their own unique fast food culture? When I visited the restaurant in Sarajevo one year ago, it didn´t seem to disturb the citizens a lot. Actually I had the contrariwise impression that for some dudes it was like eating in a sublime restraurant. I even met a man wearing a suit, who was desperately requesting a photo of himself next to his also well-dressed girlfriend/wife, holding a BigMac in his hands, jolly grinning into my camera lens.


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