Thoughts on Dodik-Land

As those who caused the war in Bosnia are celebrating the „Day of Republika Srpska“ or Dan Republike Srpske on January 9th, this seems an appropriate occasion to take a look at what they are doing to the country again today. A short essay on Dodik-Land that hopefully helps explain the situation in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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People Have Had It

The rape of a 16 year old girl has shocked the people in Kosovo. On Thursday, people took to the streets to express their outrage. And like in Bosnia, it seems to be about a lot more than „just“ a horrendous crime. Too many, this case shows how the authorities in their country are failing them.

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Justice for All

The protest movements Pravda za Davida and Pravda za Dženana may help change Bosnia’s dysfunctional system of governance. While they probably will not make the country’s system of corruption disappear anytime soon, they are likely to become a long-term threat to the country’s political establishment.

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Worshipping Suffering and Malice

On the Balkans, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, is being worshipped in a bizarre manner and to a grotesque extent. To the wider public the late nun is better known by her stage name Mother Teresa. In worshipping her, even her most devout fans can not hide her dark side.

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Ein Nationalist und Betrüger

Der serbisch-montenegrinische Schriftsteller Petar Milatović-Ostroški ist in Wien wegen Versicherungsbetrugs verurteilt worden. Er hatte einen Raubüberfall auf sich erfunden und von seiner Versicherung 11.000 Euro kassiert.

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DokuFest In Full Swing

About halfway through the festival, DokuFest 2016 is in full swing. Thousands of visitors have indulged in the documentaries shown at the Balkan’s biggest festival dedicated to documentaries and short movies. This year, the festival is tackling a particularly pressing issue: Corruption.

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