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The Time of The Gypsies. Or Not.

Does Albania have a sizeable population of Middle Eastern origin? Official terminology suggests so and regularly confuses an international audience. What may be a local peculiarity highlights the need for scientifically robust terminology when talking about ethnic or national minorities... weiterlesen →

People Have Had It

The rape of a 16 year old girl has shocked the people in Kosovo. On Thursday, people took to the streets to express their outrage. And like in Bosnia, it seems to be about a lot more than "just" a... weiterlesen →

Berlin Balkanizacija

Robert Rigney, Balkan traveller, music aficionado, part time American James Bond in the eyes of many Serbs and others, and most of all writer and journalist makes his comeback in Balkan Stories. It wouldn't be Robert if it wasn't with... weiterlesen →

It’s About Dignity, Stupid

US-President Donald Trump has called several developping countries "shitholes".  With his comment, the US's Ambassador in Chief not only violated every diplomatic protocol conceivable. He grossly violated the dignity of the people living in the countries he called "shitholes". We... weiterlesen →

Zu Gast bei David

Balkan Stories ist zurück von der großen Balkantour und hat einige Geschichten mitgebracht. Bei meinem Zwischenstopp in Banja Luka hab ich David Bailey getroffen, der den großartigen Blog "An Englishman in the Balkans" betreibt. David hat gleich die Gelegenheit benutzt,... weiterlesen →

Corruption Is Everywhere

Corruption is endemic on the Balkans. It has a firm grip on politics and almost every part of society. Little is done about. The lastes episode of the political webshow Talk Real gives you an insight why. This episode was... weiterlesen →

Bahtalo Herdelezi! Srećan Đurđevdan!

Today is Đurđevdan/(H)Erdelezi. The most important festival celebrated by Roma on the Balkans. It will bring millions together in colorful festivities - uniting them across national, religious and often ethnic borders. From when the sun set yesterday night, millions of... weiterlesen →

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