Balkanska noć

One of the advantages of living in my part of Vienna clearly is that you don’t have to travel very far to get to the next Balkan party. The opening of the restaurant Ostrog was a pretty large one at that.


When a Serbian Rom opens up his own kafana/restaurant he thinks big. Just like Saša Jovanović from Valjevo who’s busy somewhere in here. It was easily 100 guests yesterday night, coming from all over the city, Serbs and Roma mixing freely for this party. This isn’t everyday life where they usually coexist separately.


One way to draw crowds on the Balkans is Gypsy music. Works perfectly here. After all, one out of ten Viennese has Balkan roots.


Danijela Jovanović is greeting the guests at the entrance door. Three pecks on the cheek, Serbian style. Croats will only give two, for Bosnjaks it’s either one or two.

Serbs claim this is due to them being Orthodox and thus a religious thing. Strangely, Romanians, where Orthodoxy also is the prevalent Religion, haven’t heard about it. For them, it’s just two pecks.


Kitchen staff and waiters are pretty busy tonight.



Their work is not in vain, it seems.


Sandra Djordjević and Dragoslav Stanković enjoy posing for the camera. I’d rather have had them continue eating so as not to get a posed photo. But what the heck. They make a cute couple.


Balkan families take their kids to parties, too. This is baby Saša, the owner’s grandson.


Memo Bogunić from Burek Vučko ’84 (on the right) has dropped by. His place is just two kilometers or so away.


Meanwhile the party is getting along, It’s promising to turn into a wild Balkan night.

It’s a good night for the band. Patrons give generously. Most of them are ordinary working class people but tonight, money isn’t an issue. It’s just there to buy you good times.



Manager Kosta Stefanović finds time for a short break. He’s proud of the place he runs.


Waiter Djordje Balinović isn’t so lucky. He holds his own tonight.


Tonight, there is no tomorrow. Just Gypsy music, rakija and dance. The party lasts til the small hours of the night.

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