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The Time of The Gypsies. Or Not.

Does Albania have a sizeable population of Middle Eastern origin? Official terminology suggests so and regularly confuses an international audience. What may be a local peculiarity highlights the need for scientifically robust terminology when talking about ethnic or national minorities... weiterlesen →

Worshipping Suffering and Malice

On the Balkans, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, is being worshipped in a bizarre manner and to a grotesque extent. To the wider public the late nun is better known by her stage name Mother Teresa. In worshipping her, even her most... weiterlesen →

It’s About Dignity, Stupid

US-President Donald Trump has called several developping countries "shitholes".  With his comment, the US's Ambassador in Chief not only violated every diplomatic protocol conceivable. He grossly violated the dignity of the people living in the countries he called "shitholes". We... weiterlesen →

Der Club von der Zweierlinie

Auf ein Bier mit den Obdachlosen von Beograd, an einer Ecke wo Glanz und Elend aufeinanderprallen. Über das Leben am Rande einer Hauptstadt. Und die Wichtigkeit von Straßenbahnen. Der Mann auf der Bank des Sebilj stützt sich auf und winkt... weiterlesen →

Tarlabaşı: A Slum Quarter in Istanbul

Journalist and writer Robert Rigney explores life in one of the most infamous neighborhoods of Istanbul. And finds it disappearing as the poor are driven out of their homes. Continue reading... Photo: (c) Luke Michael, reproduced here with the express permission... weiterlesen →

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