This One’s for David

When I passed by this pub in Ulica Kralja Marka in Beograd I knew I had to take a picture for a friend from the Banja Luka area.

David Bailey is „An Englishman in the Balkans“ which also happens to be the name of his blog about daily life not only in Laktaši near Banja Luka but the rest of former Yugoslavia and beyond.

Particularly his vlog will give you a good idea of the beauties of nature as well as of everyday challenges people in the region face.

His discipline is amazing. David broadcasts daily and has regular updates on his Facebook page, putting in all his professional experience as a radio reporter, for, among others, the British Forces Broadcasting Service, and founder of the Bosnian multi-ethnic radio station Oksigen FM.

As it happens I know David is a big rugby fan. So, I just had to click away when I passed by this pub. I hope he gets to check out the place when he’s in Beograd.

Admittedly being an Austrian I never quite got a hang of the sport but I hope David will teach me the basics when we meet.

And if I can’t wait that long I can still ask Gustavo from Argentina. He’s a rugby player now living in Vienna. Of all places I met him in one of my favorite Balkan kafane.

Would also be cool to get these two rugby buffs to meet in real life.

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