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Thou Shalt Not Fear Promaja

The road to the Skakavac Waterfalls has one of Sarajevo’s more unique sights to offer: A makeshift cafe and Ex-YU’s probably only inhabitant who is not afraid of Promaja. Or at least not as much as he is of paved roads. Dragan’s kafana has become a reclusive hangout for the discriminating local nature lover and a select few adventurers from outside. If they manage to find the place.

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The Adventures of Gallery Kitten

What happens if a stray kitten wonders into the probably coolest gallery Bosnia’s capital has to offer? Will it get kicked out? Or will the patrons of the place, that also happens to be a cafe bar, adopt it? Find out more about the adventures of Gallery Kitten.

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Das Hotelkätzchen

Diesen kleinen Racker aus dem Guest House Bujrum in Sarajevo muss man ins Herz schließen. Gut, dass ich meinen Kaffee ohnehin schwarz trinke.

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