Muslims from Sandžak like to think of themselves as Bosnians and particularly as Bosnjaks. While there is a point to that, Balkan Stories has documented irrefutable evidence that proves: There is no way they are Bosnian.

Sandžakians, at least the Muslims among them, go to great lengths to show how Bosnian they really are. Particularly in Novi Pazar, the capital of the province that is now divided between Serbia and Montenegro.

They even use the Bosnian lily in the Sandžak flag.

IMG_5499b (2017_10_11 22_14_14 UTC)

And of course on the ubiquitous graffiti calling for regional autonomy.

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The Bosnjak nationalist party SDA even has a regional branch there and runs for local elections.

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Indeed, historically Sandžak had been part of the Ottoman province of Bosnia for quite some time.

After the Austrian occupation of Bosnia, the region was separated from modern day Bosnia and after being the last Ottoman stronghold on the Balkans ended up being divided between Serbia and Montenegro.

That explains why there still is a sizable Muslim minority in Southern Serbia and Eastern Montenegro.

People here speak a subdialect of the Bosnian idiom of the Language Without Name, mostly regardless of their religion.

Culturally, They Are Worlds Apart

Yet, culturally they are and always have been worlds apart from Bosnian Muslims.

And no matter how hard they try, it shows.

It shows so much in everyday life it even amounts to irrefutable evidence that Sandžakians are in fact not Bosnian.

And here it is.

IMG_5523b (2017_10_11 22_14_14 UTC)

And you could even have Burek sa sirom, too. Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

To any upstanding Bosnian, regardless of religious affiliation and ethnic background, this is nothing short of heresy.

Any bakery in Bosnia selling „Burek sa sirom“, not to mention the abominable „Burek sa kremom“ no one knows the contents of anyways, would be forced to close down within days.

Provided it wouldn’t be burnt down by righteously indignated Bosnians rioting against this insult against their Bosnianness right after opening up.

To even consider this gross and flagrant violation of the very Laws of Nature and Good Taste Bosnian would amount to the extermination of Bosnian culture per se. No more and no less.

As any child in Bosnia knows: BUREK JE SA MESOM!