Greek authorities are struggling to provide adequate shelter as other EU countries do not provide enough aid and leave Greece to deal with the Situation on ist own. Photo: (c) Betty Martin

Two Also True Stories. Unfortunately.

The entry on Tuesday featured the story of 82 year old Panagiota Vasileiadou from Idomeni, Greece. She shelters refugees in her small house, cooks for them and gives them the affection they so desperately need. There are other stories to be told about how refugees are treated on the Balkans. They aren’t so nice.

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When Commitment And Dedication Pay Off

The staff of Bosnia’s Zemaljski Muzej (National Museum) in Sarajevo and the civic action group „Akcija“ have been awarded one of the most prestiguous European prizes for museums, the Europa Nostra (Our Europe) Award for Dedication. It is a recognition of the outstanding commitment of the museum’s staff and Akcija to preserve this gem of Bosnia’s cultural and scientific heritage.

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Mit Žarkos Visum durch den Haupteingang

Die Schau BALKANIZATION des Wiener Künstlerkollektivs Friday Exit wirft Fragen nach Identitäten und Stabilitäten auf. In mehreren Installationen haben Studierende der Akademie der bildenden Künste den Trend zur Kleinstaaterei und isolationistische Diskurse analysiert.

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The Fun Sides of Blogging

Without this blog I probably never would have gotten to see a great comedy act last Saturday. Plus I never would have made a new friend. And of course in some ways it was all connected with the Balkans.

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