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November 2015

Srećan rodjendan i pozdrav.

Today, millions are celebrating or at least commemorating the birthday of a country that no longer exists. It's November 29th, Dan Republike. It is remarkable how many people post pictures on social networks like Facebook today, showing them holding Yugoslav... weiterlesen →

The French Connection Or: The Language Thing Pt V

Part V of a series on observations on those minor linguistic differences in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. And how a language is being inventend for political purposes. There is only one reliable scientific definition on when a dialect can be considered a... weiterlesen →

Bosnier für eine Nacht

Eine Ausstellung* junger bosnischer Künstlerinnen und Künstler im Ost-Klub bringt die bosnische Community in Wien zusammen. Und zeigt einmal mehr, wie wenig verheilt die Wunden des Bürgerkriegs sind. Die MitarbeiterInnen der Garderobe schwitzen. Die Schlange reicht bis kurz vor die... weiterlesen →

There’s Little To Celebrate

Bosnia's politicians and representatives were celebrating to 20th anniversary of the Dayton Accords a few days ago in Sarajevo. Most Bosnians wonder what there is to celebrate. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. This is certainly true... weiterlesen →

A Month of Storytelling

Balkan Stories Blog has been out for a month now. As storytelling goes, it's been an interesting month that brought about a suprise or two. Time for a first look back. One of things about journalism I like the most... weiterlesen →

The Kitchen Debate Or: The Language Thing Pt IV

Part IV of a series on observations on those minor linguistic differences in the language formerly known as Serbocroatian. And this time a bit beyond - for it does concern something that's among the most important things for people on... weiterlesen →

The Day Music Lost Its Innocence

Nationalists don't just steal people's lives and whatever money they can get their hands on. Most of all they steal history and culture. They hijack and destroy it. One example is my favorite song from Ex-Yugoslavia. People here aren't just... weiterlesen →

Impressions From Zagreb

There definitely are worse off places on the Balkans than Zagreb. A few impressions from a short trip I took in late April. Trg Kralja Tomislava with the statue of King Tomislav, first king of Croatia. Unlike in many other... weiterlesen →

Party, Life and Santa

Beograd is a city that has gained - and well earned - a reputation as a great place to party at. That most people's lives aren't as much fun most of the time is easily forgotten and overlooked. And maybe... weiterlesen →

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